Tips for a better morning routine

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Morning routine

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Getting up early on a workday morning is a complete pain. Whether it’s to go to work, do the school run or both. It can be a complete nightmare. 

Without a set routine it can descend into complete chaos in an instant. 

My downfall is pressing snooze far to many times on my alarm. I literally have to set my alarm to go off at roughly five different times in order to get me out of bed. The first alarm is what goes off for ages, I can sleep through anything. 

I can be soooo lazy in the mornings I always feel like I never get enough sleep. The first Ten minutes after I wake is spent trying to come around without ripping someone’s head off. 

Its then a complete mad rush to make sure I’m ready for work and I’ve not forgotten anything. 

I’m so jealous of the people who wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed and skip to the bathroom two seconds after there alarm had gone off. Grrrr!! Why can’t that be Me?? They even have time to apply there make up perfectly, create the perfect hairstyle and even have a leisurely breakfast. Who are these people??? 

However, I have come up with some tips for a better morning routine.

Tips to start your mornings perfectly (sort of).

Early morning wake up call….

The obvious answer for getting up early in the morning is to go to bed earlier. 

Although for some of us that’s just not possible, there are always a million and one things to do. 

If like me pressing snooze is just to easy i have the perfect solution I REALLY NEED ONE!!


This is great!! Basically you set the alarm for what time you want to wake up. When the alarm goes off the little helicopter flies round the room. In order to turn the annoying sound off you have to get up find the helicopter and place it back onto the alarm. Ha ha I can’t see me pressing snooze after that.

while I was searching for the alarm  came across this…. very 1950’s A Teasmade. 

I love it!! A freshly made pot of tea, ready at your bedside. Perfect for a lazy girl like me. 

However this is probably not going to help you get up any quicker. Best for the weekend I think.

As long as you don’t go to bed too late you should have a good chance of getting up on time with those.

Prepare the night before.

To give yourself more time in the mornings. Try to do a bit of preparation the night before. 

By spending just half hour in the the evening doing the things listed here. It can give you a lot more valuable time in the morning. 

  • Make the packed lunches.
  • Make sure the Kids have packed their school bags
  • get uniforms ready/ironed and sports kit ready.
  • pick your outfit for the next day.
  • If you need to wash your hair do it the night before.
  • Get the table set up for breakfast.

How will you spend your free half hour in the morning now? 

I started writing this post the night before, then I decided to forget to set my alarm and get up late……

A little bit of exercise and a good breakfast 

personally, starting my day off with some exercise really helps me feel motivated And ready to face the day. ( on the rare occasion that I am up early). I don’t go full on just a few squats etc, for around 6-10 minutes. 

Aside from the exercise breakfast is super important. If I don’t have time for a big breakfast I always still make sure I have something small at least.

Not only will it make you feel energised it will also speed up your metabolism win win.

so there you have my tips for a better morning start.

  • Get a good nights sleep and Set your alarm.
  • prepare as much as you can the night before.
  • Try to eat a good breakfast.
  • Do a little bit of exercise.

MOST importantly enjoy your morning.

Thanks for reading.

Claire xxx



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