5 Things we waste our money on

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When we try to budget or save money, the things we waste our money on gets overlooked. Here are some of the ways and how we can stop wasting money.

The gym… do you go??? 

Dont get me wrong, if you do have a gym subscription and you go regularly then it’s not classed as a waste of money.

However for those of us that have one and don’t go, Its a complete waste. Some gyms are not cheap either. 

Paying £50 a month or more for a service we don’t use is insane. I’ve been guilty of this. 

The best advice would be finding a cheaper gym or try pay as you go. Try https://www.payasugym.com/ Just type in your post code and it will then show you a list of gyms in your area and the different types of memberships they offer. 


We quite often subscribe to things use them for a month or so and forget about them. But we always forget to unsubscribe, then month after month the money still gets debited from our accounts. 

Things like Netflix and spotify we pay almost £10 a month. Just  to watch one movie, or listen to the same album over again. If you do get your money’s worth then great if not maybe it’s better to unsubscribe. 

Expensive mobile phone contracts….

It is always nice getting the latest handset that we can get at a pay monthly cost. Yet it’s just adding another expense to our budget. 

if your trying to save the penny’s maybe try pay as you go and save up for a new handset. Or better still get a preowned handset. 

For the pay as you go option I love https://www.giffgaff.com/ giffgaff is great. They have great pay as you go offers to suit all needs. You can even buy new and preowned phones from them. 

Are you always on a constant coffee date??

If I added up the cost of all the coffee I buy from the coffe shop or vending machine, It would probably rack up to a substantial    amount. I’m thinking how much more make up I could buy.

I’m not saying don’t have a coffee at all, just try to limit it a little. 

Maybe take a flask to work, or leave a jar of instant in your desk drawer. 

Are you a brand Snob?

This is what Im guilty of the most. Paying an extra £1 or so for an item because it’s a top brand, when in theory the supermarkets own brand can be just as good.

You can cut your shopping bill drastically just by buying the cheaper option/own brand.

I know a lot of people say you get what you pay for, in some cases that is true. Its probably best to shop around an try the cheaper options. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Wasting money…

so there you have it. 5 things you could be wasting your money on. Not to mention there could be a lot of other things too.

If your interested in saving money read my 5 ways to save more money post. Also follow me on pinterest for loads more ideas.

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