Start a diet in March

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The reason to start a diet 2018

I really should start a diet. After Christmas had finished and I had ate my body weight in mince pies, chocolate and turkey sandwiches. I decided enough!! I planned to start a diet in the new year. However the new year rolled around I came up with the same old excuse “I’ll start when all the Christmas goodies have been eaten”. The Christmas goodies were eaten yet still no diet plans and I’m still following my bad eating habits.

Bad eating habits. 

  • Skipping breakfast
  • constantly eating bad snacks
  • 3-4 takeaways a week
  • not taking lunch to work
  • replacing meals with junk food
  • not cooking balanced meals
  • far too many sugary drinks

My diet is completely awful. The bad eating habits need to disappear. I like to think of myself as generally quite a healthy person, yet the last few months not so much. I constantly feel bloated, my skin is getting bad, my complexion is dull and I’m getting tons of breakouts on a daily basis. Not to mention always feeling tired and lazy.

Now I know were my downfall is I can replace the bad with good.

Good eating habits

  • Never skip meals
  • always eat a hearty balanced breakfast
  • replace the bad snacks with good e.g fruit and veg
  • take a healthy lunch to work
  • plan meals in advance
  • replace sugar drinks with water

Start a diet

In order to make sure the diet gets off to a good start small changes need to be made at home. A complete kitchen overhaul is required. Go through all the cupboards and the fridge freezer and weed out all the processed unhealthy products. Set up a meal plan a make a list of all the ingredients needed for the food shop. Also never go shopping on an empty stomach/hungry it probable that more unhealthy foods will be placed in the trolley.

What diet should I follow?

There are loads of diets out there that promise a world of good, however sticking to them is difficult ( In my case anyway). I’m sure the majority of them actually do work. But I’m looking for a lifestyle change not just a five minute start a diet fad. So I intend to make some small changes to the way I eat and what I eat.

  1. include more fruit and veg I never eat enough fruit or vegetables, an I certainly don’t get 5 a day. I’m aiming to add fruit with breakfast, make sure I include veg with every meal at dinner and snack on fruit throughout the day. 
  2. Limit bread intake I don’t think I could ever stick to a no carb diet I love carbs too much for that. However If I switch the bad carbs for good e.g white bread to whole meal bread. So I’m aiming for no more than 2 slices a day ( no more buttery toast for me)
  3. drink more water, switching fizzy drinks for water is essential this should also help with bloat ( I’m forever bloated).
  4. Stop the processed meat and meals. Not only will this hinder my weight loss plans but they also contain salts and bad additives.
  5. give myself a 100/200 calorie chocolate/ sweet snack after my main meal. If I don’t treat myself I won’t stay on track.

Feel happy about yourself.

Start a diet

It’s  important not to feel pressured into starting a diet/weight loss plan. I’m mainly doing mine for health reasons but a little weight loss would be great. Everyone is beautiful no matter what size. Do it for you no one else.

Thank you for reading. If you can give me anymore tips i would love to hear them.

Love Claire xxx


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