My 7 go to foods to eat when dieting

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 Healthy eating is non existet for me the moment.Ive been having a complete diet flop recently, I’m constantly eating rubbish and am too lazy too cook a tidy meal. The muffin top I have at the moment is unreal. It’s getting too the point where everything is too tight. So it’s either time to buy bigger clothes or get my act together. To be honest option number 2 will have to do (I can’t afford new clothes at the mo.)

However I did a little food shop today. I successfully managed to keep out of the sweet aisle, only picking up what I needed. Only grabbing some good food to see me through til the end of the week.

Ive seriously got to get out of the rut I’ve been in recently. I’m not doing myself any favours. Not being prepared enough is my downfall.

Anyway here are my go-to foods I like to eat when trying to loose weight.

01. Green tea.

Its not exactly an essential, yet if I start my day with a cup of green tea I always  feel 100% and like im being good to myself. It just makes me feel better and not only that it’s a good metabolism booster.

02. Lemon water

Again not a major food, but another mood booster. I like to drink this when I’m in full on detox mode. Just slice a few lemons In a jug and fill up with boiling water from the kettle. Make your self a glass and then just chill the rest to drink whenever you feel the need.

03. Eggs

I love eggs. They are one of my ultimate go to foods. Packed full of protein, so versatile and you can whip up an omelette In next to no time.

Also I don’t eat a great deal of meat, sometimes eggs are my only source of protein. From frittatas to a simple poached egg. It’s easy to get a simple healthy dish.

04. Frozen berries/mixed fruit

I always buy a huge amount of fresh fruit at the supermarket, then just a day or so later they start going bad. That’s why I buy frozen, you can always freeze the fresh fruit yourself. Yet the already packed frozen fruit is cheaper and more convenient.

Just leave them out in the fridge the night before then they are perfect for the next day, sprinkle them over cereal or add them to a healthy smoothie.

05. Fat free yogurt

I love fat free yogurt. Im the type of person who always likes something sweet after my meal. Most of the time it’s sweets or chocolate, but a fat free yogurt is a better alternative. I’m completely obsessed with toffee flavour at the moment. They are also free on slimming world too.

6. Healthy Stir-frys

Stir-frys are a really quick easy healthy  meal especially when your short on time. I always feel super healthy after eating a stir fry.

Although it depends on the amount of sauce I add. Those ready made sauces are full of sugar. I now just tend to make my own. A sprinkle of chinese 5 spice, a couple of splashes of soy sauce and some white wine finger and sometimes a little splash of light sweet chilli sauce.

Stir frys are fab!!!

07. Avocado

🥑 There’s something about avocado that makes me feel fresh and summery (if that’s even a word).

I love it sliced on wholemeal toast with a poached egg. Guacamole is another favourite for a healthyish dip to have with carrot/celery sticks. A great snack.


so those are my go to foods when trying to shed a few pounds. I’d love to know yours let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading love Claire xxx




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